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There are many wildlife preserves around where I live, and especially in the winter months I go to these quite often. They are fun and relaxing for me and it keeps my photographic mind and skills sharp.
_MG_5578_PS-Fnl_GR_4646_PS-FnlBroad Winged HawkNorthern Harrier HawkHungry Nutria  (Not a Muskrat)Great Blue HeronMale Hooded MerganserBald Eagle Looking For LunchBlue Heron ReflectionAmerican BitternAmerican BitternGreat Blue Heron ReflectionBald Eagle Yawning?Red Tailed HawkCoyote Hunter BuddiesRed-Tailed HawkOne Legged GooseBald Eagle Having DinnerHead Shot of Young CoyoteYoung, Curious Coyote