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Washington and Oregon are just full of natural beauty. The abundance of trees, greenery, mountains and water everywhere makes for beautiful photographs just about anywhere.
Mount Saint Helens_LR_7378_PS-FnlAdult & Fledgling Osprey'sSunset Colors East of PortlandPortland PanoramaSteamboat Landing Sunset, Washougal, WA_MG_6170_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_GR_5456_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_GR_5316_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_GR_5304_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_GR_5158_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_GR_5137_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_MG_6132_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_MG_6123_+20%-PRT_PS-Fnl_MG_6091_20%-PRT_PS-FnlSunset From Home_MG_1337_PS-Fnl_MG_1295_96_97-0003_PS-Fnl_MG_3767_68_69-0003_PS-Fnl_MG_3764_65_66-0003_PS-Fnl

Guestbook for Pacific Northwest Images
Patty Pelayo(non-registered)
You capture beauty in it's most natural form, it's almost like a glimpse into the beauty of Heaven.
J Pennie Peterson(non-registered)
Gary your pictures are just fabulous. Pennie