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I had the opportunity in May, 2011, to photograph an event between an elk and a wolf that is rarely seen by man. The hungry wolf stalked this elk and chased her to a creek three times before giving up and leaving to find an easier meal. The wolf did get a couple of hind quarter "chomps" but was finally convinced to go away when the elk landed a left hoof to the wolf's head.
Wolf Intently Watching An Elk, Which He Plans to Have For DinnerThe Hungry Wolf Stalks The ElkThe Chase Is On!Getting CloserWolf Gets A Bite Of Left Hind QuarterAnd Another Bite On The Right Hind QuarterThe Wolf Has A Chunk Of The Elk In His MouthRunning At Top Speed, But It Looks Like They Are Standing StillWolf Trips Up The ElkLooking Like The Elk Is Gong Down....Not Good!Ms Elk Made It To The Safety Of A CreekStandoff On The ShorelineMore Challenges From Both AnimalsMs Elk Lands A Left Hoof To The Wolf's HeadMs Elk Says Go Away And Is So Proud Of HerselfThe End Of The Battle Has Them Just Looking At Each OtherLooking From A DistanceMr Wolf Leaves To Find An Easier Meal