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While the weather didn't always cooperate for good landscape photography, our annual May trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone was certainly productive on the wildlife side of things. I captured some wonderful photographs of a Mother grizzly bear and her very young cub playing in the snow. Also on this trip was a very rare photoshoot of a wolf and elk encounter, which is shown in a separate gallery. While some years haven't been very good for great photos, it is the cumulative effect of going there every year that adds to our adventures.
Frozen Jackson Lake With The Teton RangeMorning Storm Clouds Dissapate On The Grand TetonThe Grand Teton Clears From Morning Storm CloudsBeautiful BluebirdTower Falls With Heavy Spring RunoffGibbon Falls Lookin' GoodMount MoranPacific Creek Looks Like A River With Spring RunoffTeton RangeMama Grizzly Takes Time Away From Training To Play With Her CubKarla's BearsMama Grizzly Takes Time Away From Training To Play With Her CubA Loving, Protective Moment For Mama Grizzly & Her CubCute Little Fuzzy Wuzzy Grizzly CubCute Little Grizzly CubMama Grizzly Lookin' GoodLook At The Claws On The Grizzly CubMama Grizzly And Her Cub Spot A Potential DangerMama Grizzly Walks With Her Cub_MG_5377_+18%-PRT_PS-Fnl