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58 photos, 2 videos
These photographs are a collection of some of the fun stuff I have done over the years to make photography more enjoyable than it already is. These are unusual shots of subjects or things I have encountered, surreal HDR photography of old cars, barns and other things that I have came across and just about anything that won't fit into one of the other galleries. These are for sale at a reduced rate from my other galleries, but mainly they are here for you to enjoy. Happy Browsing!!
_LR_6606-Pano_PS-FnlOld Rock HouseOld Rock HouseOld Rock HouseOld Rock HouseOld Rock House_MG_3616+More_Stack_PS-Fnl_MG_3538-43-0003_Pano_PS-FnlLear Jet In Denver International Airport_MG_3441_PS-Fnl